Landscapes In Oil

Kenneth Halvorsen

Oil painter, Ken Halvorsen, creates works that are uniquely beautiful and passionate. His oil on canvas paintings in large scale are executed in thick oils with pallet knife and a finish of brushwork in mesmerizing amount of details. This style is intended to surprise any art lover and create the feeling of serenity and joy. Everyday viewers from all over the world find that they experience a sudden connection with Ken's paintings that they never had before. Public has pronounced a distinct appreciation for the higher quality fine art through Ken's works.

Ken Halvorsen is an artist whose multi-faceted creative force has manifested itself in the aesthetically focused environment of fine art. Ken has created a series of extraordinary hyper-realistic works and studies in land that realize detail from an almost molecular perspective. Centered around the “principle of delicate grace,” Halvorsen’s creations have earned worldwide recognition among international private collectors and aficionados


Born into a family of artists whose wealth was measured in the spirit of love and family unity rather than any form of financial or material value, Ken realized at a very early age that he was a natural artist. He would spend hours in plein-air painting the unforgettable California nature scenes honing his abilities. The nurturing of a latent talent later blossomed as a great passion conjuring the most beautiful of images from paint onto canvas. Getting a personal training and guidance from both of artists parents Ken has expressed the purity of breathtaking execution in all seven disciplines of the body of the landscapes studies raising the bar to a higher quality fine art.

Kenneth Halvorsen has been creating hypo-realistic landscape artwork for over 30-years and has developed a style that possesses the quality of bringing the natural world into your home, your heart and your mind. The mission of Ken's Landscape Artwork is to create environmental facsimiles that not only invoke the visual quality of beauty, drama, color, and dynamic energy of each scene but also to transport the viewer's emotional state to a harmonious concord with each painting. The artworks are intended to create a synergetic experience that fuses the individual sentiment of each viewer with a specifically crafted and designed effectuation of response that each image holds within itself.

Ken Halvorsen has established himself as a popular contemporary artist whose creations are immediately accessible, beautifully executed, and appeal to a variety of tastes and design requirements. By momentarily submerging the "self" into the artwork you will begin to have a multi-sensory excursion away from your present surroundings and into the scenes. Imagine feeling the wind on your skin, having an olfactory experience while gazing at the blossoms, or feeling the skin-tingling chill of a snow emblazoned winter's visage. Kenneth's artwork will stir your sense, heart and mind as it takes you on nature's beautiful journey to the most amazing realities imaginable. Relax and Enjoy.

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